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Mike Chan online portfolio

Hello, I’m Mike Chan. Welcome to my website.
Mike Chan is an illustrator, a motion-graphic designer,an interactive designer, an animator and a film maker.
Mike graduated with a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design in 2005 and a Master degree in Communication design in 2007.
His works feature a strong innovative vision in both image making and time-based media. Some of his films have been officially selected in festivals such as DOTMOV festival, The Hidden Arts Festival, The Poetry Animation Shorts at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and EmergeAndSee. He has created characters of fire and ice. The characters have led me to ask questions such as who they are, what is their gender, where have they come from and what do they do? He is interested in the relationship between Firey Man and Ice Man. They contradict each other and are unique. The contradictions include heat and cold, dangerous and safe, soft and hard, solid, liquid and gas.